SMart SMart Europe

Toolkit for building a
SMart user experience

This center will serve as a framework for designing a consistent SMart experience and adapting the brand identity for digital use.

It is designed for internal staff, designers, web-developers and communication teams, as well as external agencies, anyone working on the experience or design of SMart products.

Complementing the SMart brand guidelines and based on vast design experience and digital exploration, these tools will allow for specific use and correct interpretations and so ensure a positive brand impact.

These tools will also provide you with everything you need to rapidly develop SMart products or tweak for a specific product or local culture.

Our philosophy guides who we are, what we do and where we are going. It forms our decisions, reinforces what we value and allows us to communicate our brand identity. Essentially, it ensures a consistent user experience.


We lead by example, support by intention. Our services are high quality and reflect our expertise. Our tools are dedicated to the development of the creative economy.


Like the touches of red, our voice is assertive because we are committed to making creativity work. Our services serve our members and defend the creative sector.


Our visual style is neat, our interactions quick and simple. We design useful and smart user experiences.


Members trust us with their work, their dreams and even their money. Our platforms are transparent and our communication open; we share what we do and why. We are democratic: we invite feedback and user involvement and create spaces for dialogue.

Global & local

Our services address the creative community, harmonize the sector; but our tools are adapted to the local language and culture.


To support a changing interdisciplinary sector, we tailor our services for specific functions and unique creative projects.


Our tools and services are flexible and interactive; they foster mobility, education and community development, critical to social innovation, which is at the heart of what we do.

Collaborative & supportive

We are building an international creative community by connecting users, projects and money. Our tools are straightforward, helpful and inclusive.